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Panache' is recognized for our innovative design and high quality production of consumer goods. Our design and sourcing teams provide the latest fashion and consumer trends at the value needed to expand market share. We are a leader in purchasing, sourcing and sales by providing superior service to our customers. Our products are sold globally providing us with an excellence in international compliance in multiple levels of retail. Panache' provides an all in one solution for sourcing, design, production, audits/testing, international translation, logistics and shipping operations.

Sourcing & Design

Panache' provides a multiple approach to meet the retail needs of our customers. We have a design office in California that is ideally located in the forefront of fashion trends. Our in house sample making facility provides fast turn-around of design comps to our customers. Once approved our state of the art sourcing facility will provide excellence in managing on site production, quality control checks with the producing factory, best pricing practices, on site testing and audit reviews and final production processing. Our logistics and operations teams work hand and hand throughout the process to ensure the products are shipped meeting all the retailer's specifications and requirements.


Panche's sales team is focused on excellence by providing our retail partners with complete dedication to their retail needs and requirements. We understand this is an ever changing retail world and that is why our sales team operates on a flexible approach when working with our retail partners. In addition, our sales teams is always open to share trend forecasting, market and sales analysis, consumer shopping trends and awareness, retail market value, competitive analysis and demographic data as needed

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Panache’ International

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